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The Last Astronaut - An Award Winning Film

Updated: May 26, 2019

Actors Emma Klitus, Chloe Klitus, Eva Igo, and Regan Thompson join director, Shawn Welling, at the ticket booth for the premier of The Last Astronaut.

On Saturday, April 13th, WorldFest Houston held its Gala & Awards Ceremony, inviting all winning and nominated directors, actors, and everyone else in between.

Three award winners from the Houston Film Critic's Society. Eva (left) won the Rising Star award, while Alexis and Chloe (middle and right) won Best Young Actress.

Eva Igo, one of the stars of the film, won her first acting award, the Rising Star Award from the Houston Film Critic's Society, at WorldFest Houston. She talks about her win and first experience acting in her instagram post, which reads:

"what an unbelievable weekend. thank you so much @shawnwellingaxi for such an amazing opportunity to be in your film, #thelastastronaut and for trusting me with your work. i can’t even begin express the amount of gratitude i have for you. walking the red carpet and viewing the film on the big screen with all the wonderful cast members was completely surreal. i’m so thankful & honored to have received the “rising star” award from the film critics association, @nickwnicholson . thank you @worldfesthouston for such a wonderful time. thank you to my co-stars @presleetucker & @chloeklitusfor showing me the ropes and becoming such great friends so quickly. i’ve found a new passion within this performing arts field, and i hope this is only the beginning of my acting ventures<3"

Costar, Chloe Klitus and Alexis Arnold, also won acting awards for "Best Young Actress" for their features. Actor Darrin Dewitt Henson was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. The Last Astronaut won the Special Jury Award for Best Feature Film.

Star, Chloe Klitus, expresses her gratitude and astoundment with her first acting award.

"Lexi was in absolute SHOCK tonight!!!... to a 10 year old who has been working her tail off.....she is absolutely over the moon filled with Joy. Thank you #worldfesthouston #bestyoungactress #thelastastronaut"

Shanda Webb Arnold, mother of award winner Alexis Arnold, posts her gratitude to both Welling Films and Houston Film Critic's Society for the award.

The Last Astronaut won the Gold Remi for Best Cinematography, given to our DP, Duncan Johnson. Darrin Dewitt Henson was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in his role as General James Rex in the movie, and the film itself won the Special Jury Award for Best Theatrical Feature. Shawn's other feature, An American Ghost Tail, won a Gold Remi Award for Best Fantasy/Horror.

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