Jennifer Portman (Regan Thompson) is mother to Naomi and pseudo-mom to Luna. She is the first person to hear about their alien encounter. After some persistence, Jennifer reaches out to former boyfriend, Colonel Jim Ricker, in order to find answers in regards to Naomi and Luna's picture.

"Jennifer helps Naomi and Luna find answers in regards to their photo"

Regan Thompson has been the owner of F.I.T. by Regan LLC for 11 years, where she personally trains clients in their homes, teaching them to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Regan was 2nd runner up in the Mrs. Texas United States pageant 2016 and represented Kingwood in the Mrs. Texas America pageant back in May. She is an elite marathon runner who just completed her second 100-mile ultra-marathon to raise funds and awareness for Pediatric Cancer patients and families. Additionally, Regan owns a competition dance team; M.E.C.K.K.A. Dance Project, which took home the title of National Grand Champions in July 2017. Regan is now a producer for Welling Films; her first film project was "An American Ghost Tail" (2018) with director, Shawn Welling.


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