Agent Walker Roger Scott Budge

Roger Scott Budge served as the official cinematographer for Planet Funk Dance Academy and Welling Films since 1993. Since then he has refocused his craft in acting ever since Shawn Welling's psychological thriller, Project Aether. He has served as producer, casting director, production manager, camera operator, and editor during his time at Welling Films. He has appeared in films House of Dreams, Project Aether, Stranger Bird, and The Last Astronaut.

 Agent Hightower Daren Hightower

Former Marine Medic and Navy Corpsman, Daren Hightower, has done a brilliant job filling the roles and FBI and CIA agents in Strange Bird and The Last Astronaut, lending authentic experience to his roles. As proclaimed "Volunteer of the Year" by the City of Houston in 2011 and Founder of The Children's Music Foundation, he has been instrumental in placing over 4,000 guitars into the hands of children, young adults, and parents teaching guitar under the slogan "Play It Forward". His love for music and how positive vibes boost the immune system is a perfect fit for the passionate and profound roles he has played on screen.

 Agent Chan  Mark Dong

Mark Dong is a lifelong martial artist and is continually learning different martial arts. Mark has Black Belts in Kajukenbo Karate and Praying Mantis Kung Fu. He is also a high level Krav Maga Expert. Mark is now training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where is he holds a Brown Belt. Mark currently owns his own Krav Maga and Kickboxing school, called Krav Fit Now, in the Energy Corridor which is just west of Houston. His school is also home for the Handcannon Stunt Team. Mark started his stunt training and acting in 2017 and has been busy with stunt acting and fight choreography.


Mark has appeared as a stunt actor and has done fight choreography for films such as The Last AstronautOutrage, Secret Intelligence, Blade:Remix, and Lion Killer, which will be premiering later this year.


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