During his time directing numerous films, Shawn Welling always preferred using his Canon 1DX Mark II. In all of his films, Shawn always plays with light and color to create a tone and set the mood for the audience. Here are more reasons why this director prefers Canon.


Canon cameras are known to have a reputation for a particular look based on their color science technology. Whether you're a fan of the brand or not, this Canon color science look is one of the manufacturer's strongest selling points. In many camera comparisons, it’s mentioned as one reason that Canon cameras have been so successful over the years. But just what is this color science? And what makes Canon’s so unique? In this film "The Last Astronaut" by Shawn Welling and D.P. Duncan Johnson, we get some great information about the history of the term and why Canon’s color science stands out.



“Color science” is an interesting term in of itself. When looking at the science of color as a definition, you’re really talking about the sensations of light being reflected and perceived by the human eye. For a particular digital camera system, it’s the way certain colors are being recorded as information and data. 


The 1DX Mark II is a different beast. When shooting video it has the faults of any DSLR, but the upside is its 4K footage and its dual-pixel autofocus. When I view the 1DX Mark II 4K clips I’m in awe. The difference is that noticeable and it not only applies to the “look”, it applies to what one can do in post.  In most case what little if any you have to do in post.  I still always will have the Red Cameras ready to shoot the super high FPS shots while I still get stunning 60p 4k on the Canon.  To move fast on set there really is not a better Camera for me than the  Canon 1dx Mark II. 

Shawn Welling



Canon 1DX Mark II (primary)

Red Dragon (secondary)

DGI drone (Inspire Pro / Maverick)

Canon SN-E Primes

Canon I Series


Canon 85 L F1.2

Canon 24 L F1.4

Canon 11-24 L F4.0

Canon  8-15 L F4.0


Astera AX1's

Apurture 300D



Digital Sputnik

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